SmartGauge Electronics is a somewhat unique company within its marketplace. We specialise in a very small range of equipment designed and manufactured, by us, specifically for the market we have been involved in for over 20 years. A market we know.

We are a real engineering company with real knowledge and experience. We are not a company pretending to manufacture equipment but really just buying it from someone else. We actually are designing and manufacturing it.

It would be easy sit around trying to think up new devices, build them, then try to justify the device's existence and desperately find a use for it.

SmartGauge Electronics operates from exactly the opposite angle. We design and manufacture products that fill a need or gap in currently available products. We don't sell equipment that others already sell unless we can substantially improve it. Chris Gibson lives almost exlusively on a boat and therefore knows what is needed. Some of this needed equipment simply wasn't available. So we designed it.

Some examples of this philosophy....

Split charge diodes do not work properly. So we designed the SmartBank

After installing 6 different amp hours counters in his boat over an 18 month period in an effort to find one that worked sufficiently to enable his family to understand it and that didn't run out of synchronisation with the batteries, Chris came to the ultimate conclusion that amp hours counters only work for very technically minded people. For non-technically minded people they simply do not work as battery state of charge meters. So we designed the SmartGauge battery monitor.

SmartGauge Electronics designs and manufactures revolutionary products that dramatically increase the reliability of self contained electrical power systems.

SmartGauge Electronics is heavily involved in the field of marine and automotive power systems, dealing on a daily basis with large suppliers and distributors, boat builders, fleet vehicle and ambulance builders and equipment manufacturers. We don't see competitors' gadgets then copy them. Occasionally we have designed our own version of a gadget at the request of one of our customers, usually because the available ones either didn't quite do what was required or simply did not do it very well. A case in point is the SmartBank split charge controller. A similar type of device was available at the time but customers were complaining about reliability issues and also that some of the functions were not quite operating in the way that was required. On one occasion we were called out to a fleet vehicle builder who had installed 10 of these devices. None of them worked properly and all had to be removed and replaced with something different. In typical fashion the manufacturers refused to accept they had a problem. The result is that their device is no longer manufactured and the SmartBank has totally replaced it as the industry standard.

We develop totally new products that may do something similar to a device already available but operate on a competely new principle. An example of this is the SmartGauge battery state of charge meter. This revolutionary battery monitor is already starting to turn the deep cycle battery monitoring market upside down. No longer is the installation of a battery monitor a major operation. No longer is it so reliant upon the rest of the installation being installed and operated correctly. No longer is a degree in engineering required to understand the meter readout. A simple 2 wire installation is now possible and gives a battery monitor that shows the true state of charge of the batteries, automatically compensating for battery ageing, incorrect charge regimes, poor installations etc. None of this can be said of the typical amp hours counters which, while they do have their uses, are completely hopeless at tracking the state of charge of deep cycle batteries.

We hope you find some useful information on our website. We are always happy to listen to suggestions for improvements or new products, or even improvements to our existing products.

Thank you for visiting our website.

C W Gibson
Proprietor and chief designer