The most advanced, yet simplest, battery state of charge meter currently available

SmartGauge battery monitor.
This demo is HIGHLY accelerated!

SmartGauge battery monitor. Super simple installation, highly accurate state of charge meter. Cannot run out of synchronisation with the batteries. Volts display, Charge Status (percentage), user programmable alarm functions, interface to the SmartBank split charge control system and much, much more.

Key Benefits

Simple, very quick, 2 or 3 wire installation.
Suitable for 12 or 24 volt systems.
Shuntless design retains factory warranties.
Simple operation reduces training requirements.
Automatic self-setup and adjustment.
User programmable alarm output.
Technician's security lock.
Self compensation for battery ageing.
Interface to SmartBank split charge system.

General Description

Used with SmartBank, SmartGauge gives the user the most sophisticated, automatic split charge and battery monitoring system currently available.

Connection to SmartBank consists of plugging in an RJ11 type lead. SmartGauge automatically detects the correct type of SmartBank and in the case of SmartBank Advanced sets the split charge parameters for the selected battery type.


Technical Description

SmartGauge versus Amp hours counters - a fair comparison


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