SmartGauge battery monitor         

The monitor of choice for those in the know

SmartGauge battery monitor.
HIGHLY accelerated demo.

SmartGauge battery monitor. Super simple installation, highly accurate state of charge meter. Cannot run out of synchronisation with the batteries. Volts display, Charge Status (percentage), user programmable alarm functions, interface to the SmartBank split charge control system and much, much more.

SmartBank Standard split charger    

The last split charge system you'll ever fit

SmartBank Standard split charge system

The SmartBank split charge controller is an intelligent relay based battery paralleling system that, once and for all, dispenses with the many problems inherent in all other forms of split charging multiple battery banks from one or more charge sources.

Interfaces with the SmartGauge giving a totally integrated battery monitoring and split charge system. Relay not included (see below).


SmartBank Advanced split charger   

Advanced version of the SmartBank Standard

SmartBank Advanced split charge system

SmartBank Advanced split charge controller. Works in a similar manner to the SmartBank Standard but requires fitting in conjunction with SmartGauge. More advanced features, all settings user adjustable at the SmartGauge, automatic engine start battery prioritisation, error reporting of system faults plus much more. Relay not included (see below).


The complete system for 2 battery banks               

Integrated battery monitoring and split charge

SmartGauge and SmartBank Complete System

The full package comprising the SmartGauge battery monitor, SmartBank Advanced split charge controller, split charge relay and communications cable.

A fully integrated system that economically provides a total solution to two of the most difficult parts of a marine or vehicle battery system. Designed to work together and compliment each other. Fully compatible with all other chargers, alternator controllers etc.

Also available for 3 battery bank systems

SW180-2 Relay

200 Amp relay for use with SmartBank (Note that we do NOT supply this relay on its own. It is only supplied as a part of our systems)

Don't compromise your split charge system by using inferior relays. This relay is engineered to last and outperforms every other relay we tested.

Communications Cable

To connect SmartBank to SmartGauge

Comms lead
Allows SmartGauge to act as a remote monitor and gives partial remote control for SmartBank Standard and full control for SmartBank Advanced. 5 metre. Other lengths available on request.


MasterPlex Primary Electrical Control System

Without a doubt the most advanced system in the world

MasterPlex Primary Electrical Control System

MasterPlex is so revolutionary that it has its own dedicated website at MasterPlex.

In a nutshell it combines, in one small enclosure, for up to 4 battery banks: Split charging, remote battery isolation, flat battery protection, programmable high/low voltage alarms, programmable switch inputs, LED outputs, volt free relays, dedicated LEDs for built in functions and becomes the central "server" for a complete multiplex control system allowing entire wiring looms to be replaced with a simple plug in "network" cable.

Everything is completely user adjustable from PC (Windows) software. Once configured the PC is no longer required. Windows based diagnostics software built in.


For pricing please refer to the Merlin Equipment Ltd or Powerstore websites.