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SmartGauge battery monitor.
This demo is HIGHLY accelerated!

Simple to fit, simple to use, yet the most accurate.


Split charger

SmartBank split charge controller

"Lossless" relay based auto split charging system.

MasterPlex Primary Electrical Control System

Without a doubt the most advanced system in the world

MasterPlex Primary Electrical Control System

MasterPlex is so revolutionary that it has its own dedicated website at MasterPlex.

In a nutshell it combines, in one small enclosure, for up to 4 battery banks, split charging, remote battery isolation, flat battery protection, programmable high/low voltage alarms, programmable switch inputs, LED outputs, volt free relays, dedicated LEDs for built in functions and becomes the central "server" for a complete multiplex control system allowing entire wiring looms to be replaced with a simple plug in "network" cable.

Everything is completely user adjustable from PC (Windows) software. Once configured the PC is no longer required. Windows based diagnostics software built in.


SmartGauge and SmartBank Advanced chosen for UK MOD

SmartGauge system being fitted to the Mastiff II and Ridgeback

Mastiff II PPV
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The new UK production of Mastiff II and Ridgeback PPVs are currently being fitted with SmartGauge battery monitors and the SmartBank Advanced split charge system. The exisiting vehicles are also being retro-fitted with the same equipment.

This follows extensive trials with various split charge systems. The MOD are fitting this equipment quite simply because it is the best. Over 700 systems are being installed.

MasterPlex Chosen by UK MOD for major contract

Supacat "Jackal" range takes MasterPlex as "Standard Fit"

Supacat Vehicle
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Working in conjunction with Merlin Equipment Ltd, SmartGauge is proud to announce that the Merlin PowerBank variant of the MasterPlex has been installed as the backbone of the electrical power system in the Supacat Jackal range of vehicles.

Following many months of trials and development work in conjunction with Merlin Equipment, Supacat and Fujitsu the PowerBank has beein installed in a major refit of a number of existing Jackal based vehicles.

This, again, confirms our position as the leaders in the power management field.


There is an explanation here of how SmartGauge Electronics' revolutionary systems can update and totally transform your current split charging and battery monitoring systems. A real eye opener to the realities of battery monitoring and split charging separate battery banks.

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Who are we ?

SmartGauge Electronics is the design and manufacturing company behind the SmartBank split charge system, the SmartGauge battery monitor and the SmartGuard and PowerGuard battery and engine start protection systems

The Proprietor and chief designer, Chris Gibson, has over 25 years experience in the field, spent 10 years as UK service engineer for Heart Interface, was heavily involved in the development of the hugely successful Heart Interface Freedom range of inverters and also operated as UK service engineer for Statpower Technologies for 5 years. He made numerous training visits to the Heart Interface factory in Seattle WA and was heavily involved with major inverter, battery charger, and battery monitoring equipment manufacturers throughout the world for over 15 years. Usually on a freelance consultancy basis, occasionally acting as UK service technician, representative or technical documentation holder for matters relating to European Certification of equipment (CE marking).

For more than 10 years he acted as test house for one of the UK's largest independant importers and suppliers of marine and automotive electrical power systems equipment, testing and evaluating equipment ranging from inverters and battery chargers through to battery monitoring equipment and switchgear.

In 2003 he formed Smartgauge Electronics in order to design and develop equipment specifically for the marine and automotive DC power markets. This equipment has made enormous inroads into the commercial and military markets and the SmartGauge and SmartBank are now standard fit equipment on a wide range of front line military vehicles and ambulances.

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