22nd October 2009

Merlin Equipment Ltd Acquires Smartgauge Electronics

We are pleased to announce that Merlin Equipment Ltd has acquired Smartgauge Electronics (effective 22/10/2009).

Merlin Equipment, based in Poole, Dorset are specialists in the design, manufacture and marketing of products and systems that generate, store, distribute and monitor electrical energy in the marine, special vehicle and military vehicle markets.

Merlin’s Managing Director James Hortop commented: “The acquisition of Smartgauge Electronics allows us to accelerate the development of several leading edge products the two companies have been jointly working on for some time. It will better enable our key personnel to focus on their individual core strengths. This is the first phase in an exciting, forward looking and long term development program, which will help position our company as a global leader in mobile electrical power management solutions”.

Smartgauge’s employees including Chris Gibson (Proprietor & Chief Designer) will continue employment with Merlin Equipment.

All enquires regarding Smartgauge products and services should now be directed to Merlin Equipment Ltd.

Please contact:

David Small (Merlin Equipment Ltd) david.small@merlinequipment.com

Merlin Equipment Ltd
Unit 3 & 4, Cabot Business Village
Holyrood Close
Cabot Lane
BH17 7BA

Tel: +44 (0)1202 697979
Fax: +44 (0)1202 691919


28th April 2009

As we come to the end of the previous MOD contact for the Ridgeback and Mastiff II military vehicles, SmartGauge is proud to announce that another order for an MOD contract has just been won. This time for another 150 MasterPlex systems being installed in the Supacat Jackal range of vehicles. This brings the total so far ordered to 250 units. For further details of this product please refer to its dedicated website at MasterPlex where full details of this revolutionary device can be found.

12th September 2008

Following extensive trials and tests of competing products, the UK MOD has selected SmartGauge Electronics to supply the battery monitoring and split charge systems for over 700 military vehicles including the Mastiff II and the Ridgeback. The Mastiff II and Ridgeback are frontline PPVs (Protected Patrol Vehicle) in 6x6 and 4x4 wheel formats respectively. The vehicles are to be utilised initially in Afghanistan by the British Army. The vehicles will be fitted with a "militarised" version of the SmartGauge/SmartBank Advanced full package.

12th March 2008

Business contnues to grow and we have therefore moved (yet again) to even bigger premises. The new address is on the contact us page. These new premises are equipped and tailored specifically to assist in the development of the next generation of battery split charging, monitoring and control systems as demanded by our customers.

31st May 2007

Due to ever increasng sales we have run out of room yet again. We have had to rent another unit at the same industrial park as well as the two existing ones. Correspondence address remains the same contact us.

28th July 2006

We have been forced to move. We have simply run out of space in the old workshop at Nantwich Canal Centre. We now have 2 units at the other side of town. The new address is on the contact us page.

2nd June 2006

The Canal Shop (Whilton Chandlery) exhibited the SmartGauge battery monitor at the Crick boat show and did a terrific job of explaining it's operation and made excellent sales. Well done Richard!

10th May 2006

The Canal Shop (Whilton Chandlery), Whilton Locks, Daventry, Northants has been set up as a stockist of the SmartGauge battery monitor and SmartBank split charge system. Whilton Chandlery is a large, well stocked chandlers catering mainly for the inland waterways market. They are situated at the bottom of the Buckby Lock flight on the Grand Union Canal. Tel: 01327 844442 Fax: 01327 844443 email: sales@canalshoponline.co.uk

12th Septemeber 2005 - Press Release.

SmartGauge Electronics, a UK based company and a "spin off" from Power Conversion Technology has launched a revolutionary battery monitor, the SmartGauge. Set to turn the deep cycle battery monitoring world on it's head, SmartGauge uses no current shunts thus greatly simplifying installation and leaving factory warranties unaffected. A simple 2 wire installation is all that is required to monitor the state of charge of a deep cycle battery bank. A host of features include user programmable alarms, auto-start gen set capability, high and low battery voltage warnings, automatic compensation for battery bank size, incomplete charge cycles, Peukert's effect and reduced capacity due to ageing etc. Further features include battery voltage display for a second battery bank, automatic self calibration, automatic detection of 12 or 24 volt systems and ultra low power consumption. SmartGauge cannot run out of synchronisation with the batteries (a common problem with the more usual amp hours counter) thus always giving a true indication of the charge status as a percentage of the actual battery capacity available. An interface to the SmartBank split charge control system (via a simple plug in lead) gives the user a totally integrated solution to battery monitoring and split charge control. Full details here.


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