SmartBank is the most sophisticated, versatile split charge system ever made available. The ONLY split charge system you will ever need to install. Not only is it the most sophisticated but great effort has gone into making it the simplest to install. In most cases installation is even simpler than a standard split charge relay.

We all know the problem, the alternator charges one battery bank but not the other. The AC powered charger charges the other bank but not the engine battery.

Various solutions present themselves and each installer usually has his/her own favourite system, however combinations of switches, split charge relays and diodes can become very tiresome to install and highly prone to failure. Not to mention ugly.

Many installers, realising there is no single solution, resort to running entire systems via 1,2,both,off switches. This can indeed work, assuming the owner remembers to switch to the appropriate position at the appropriate time. All too often this is forgotten (we are all human) and entire battery banks go uncharged, or worse, both battery banks get discharged leaving no way to start the engine. Another problem is that the entire load including starter current, charge current and inverter current runs through the same switches giving them them a short service life.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a simple piece of kit to install that took care of ALL these problems, automatically and totally transparently to the user?

All these problems are now a thing of the past for people who have discovered the SmartBank automatic battery combine system. Install one of these and all your split charging problems disappear.

In it's simplest form SmartBank is a battery paralleling relay that is intelligent and will never forget to operate.

SmartBank essentially monitors two battery banks and if either bank is being charged it parallels both battery banks. It does not matter where the charge comes from or which bank it is connected to. It could be the alternator, an AC powered charger, a wind generator or a solar panel. No complicated wiring is involved, SmartBank knows when to operate without you having to tell it. All this with just 5 wires! 1 ground wire, 1 to each battery positive post and 2 to the relay coil. No tapping into the back of the alternator to energise relays, no more lossy split charge diodes.

SmartBank simply consists of a control unit housing the electronic control system along with a battery paralleling relay.

SmartBank also operates in conjunction with the SmartGauge battery monitor giving the user a totally integrated battery monitoring and split charge system. When used in conjunction with SmartGauge there are 3 options available.....

(Please note that SmartBank Standard can operate independantly and does NOT require SmartGauge in order to operate. SmartBank Advanced cannot operate alone and DOES require installation of SmartGauge)

1. SmartBank Standard in conjunction with SmartGauge. In this option SmartBank remains as a self contained, self operated unit. SmartGauge (in addition to it's normal comprehensive battery monitoring functions) gives remote indication of the operation of SmartBank along with error reporting in the event of a fault or installation problems. This option also adds a manual "emergency connect" function to enable engine starting from the auxiliary battery bank.

2. SmartBank Advanced in conjunction with SmartGauge. SmartBank Advanced is a slave operated device that receivies it's instructions from SmartGauge. This allows much more advanced split charge control due to the massively increased processing power in SmartGauge. The result is more advanced control than with SmartBank Standard, more user options, more status reporting and also intelligent engine start battery priorty charging.

3. The final option exists purely for existing owners of SmartBank Standard who wish to benefit from the increased performance of the SmartBank Advanced. Available here are full instructions for modifying a SmartBank Standard to a SmartBank Advanced. The modification is extremely simple as, in reality, SmartBank Advanced is a much simpler device than SmartBank Standard as it's intelligence is contained withith SmartGauge. The modification should take a competent technician less than 5 minutes. 4 components need to be snipped from the PCB and 2 resistors may need to be changed depending upon the revision of the original SmartBank. The modification is total in that once carried out the unit effectively becomes identical to SmartBank Advanced and will no longer operate without the SmartGauge.

All options of SmartBank in conjunction with SmartGauge also incorporate an emergency connect feature to enable the engine to be started from the auxiliary battery bank.

SmartBank uses ultra low power semiconductors and innovative design techniques that results in a standby power consumption that is so low, no on/off switch is required. This means you can NEVER forget to switch it on simply because you can't switch it off. Standby power consumption is less than 0.0008 amps. To put that into perspective it is less than 7Ah per year.

SmartBank has been designed by engineers who actually work in your field and know the problems you face. We didn't develop SmartBank to sell it. We developed it for our own use, to install in our own installations simply because nothing else was available that did what was required. It was only after other marine and auto electricians saw it and asked "where can I get one?", that we decided to make it available to other installers.

Please note that the original remote panel is no longer in production having been replaced by SmartGauge. If a very basic form of remote operation is required than details of this are available in the technical section or by clicking here.

Additional relays can be added by the installer for charging, say, a bow thruster battery or dedicated fridge battery etc.

We can customise the unit in just about any way you desire. The unit is shipped set for wet cell charging systems. Adjustments can be made in the field to suit any installation or we can ship ready calibrated. All set up procedures are included in the owners manual. SmartBank autosenses for 12 or 24 volt systems. The same unit functions in both installations.

SmartBank uses sophisticated switch mode technology which reduces the power consumption of the relay by typically 70%. This is vital in situations where a small charger (such as a solar panel or small wind generator) is being used to maintain a battery bank. It also allows the relay to run much cooler and hence give a longer service life.

SmartBank is very simple to install, very versatile and really is the only split charge system you will ever need. Customers tell us it is without doubt the easiest system they have ever installed.

In an existing installation it can be used to cure the various problems that alternator energised relays and/or split charge diodes cause.

If you are building a new installation, the ease of installation of SmartBank and the reduced cabling required will probably more than pay for the cost of SmartBank.


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