What level should I set the "connect" and "disconnect" voltages to ?

The "connect" and "disconnect" voltages detailed in the owners manual for various battery types are the preferred starting point. Experienced installers may wish to change these to take account of various factors in the installation.

If you are unsure of what these voltages mean and how they may affect operation then simply stick with those in the owner's manual for your battery types. You are more than welcome to email us with further queries.

But when I set the "connect" and "disconnect" voltages for "Gel Cell" batteries, after the charger switches off it is several minutes before SmartBank disconnects. Won't this flatten the other battery bank ?

Absolutely not. The reason for this is because, with Gel Cell batteries, after charging, the terminal voltage remains quite high in comparison to other batteries until you start to draw a load from them. This will keep SmartBank "connected".

As soon as you start to draw a load from the batteries this will immediately lower the battery terminal voltage which will cause SmartBank to disconnect the batteries. Keeping the batteries connected with no charge source present is not a problem. SmartBank WILL disconnect them as soon as one of them starts to deliver power to a load. If this does not happen immediately SmartBank will disconnect them anyway after a short period when the battery voltage naturally falls.


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