SmartBank relay based split charge controller.

* Automatic split charging for 2, 3 or even 4 battery banks.

* Dual sensing enabling charge connection to either battery.

* Ultra low power consumption.

* "Lossless" design eliminates need for alternator controllers.

* Additional cabling only thus retaining factory warranties.

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Automatic selection of 12/24 volt systems.
Unique "power save" feature vastly reduces relay coil power consumption.
Optional "emergency connect" function enables engine starting from auxiliary battery bank.
Both versions (Standard or Advanced) fully compatible with SmartGauge battery monitor.
Totally compatible with all charger types and all battery types.
Lossless split charging eliminates need for expensive external alternator controllers.
SmartBank Standard incorporates engine start priority charging.
SmartBank Advanced incorporates highly advanced intelligent engine start priority charging.
Both units fully programmable to suit all installations.

Full details, including wiring diagrams, are available here.


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