Why should you choose SmartGauge over the more usual amp hours counter or voltmeter?

There are many reasons:-

A voltmeter will not tell you the state of charge of the batteries when they are being used under dynamic conditions. It may give you an indication of the state of charge if the batteries are left to rest (i.e. no charge or discharge) for 24 hours. Obviously this is completely impractical for batteries that are being used. Remember, if there is, or has been, any form of charge or discharge on the batteries during the previous 24 hours, then the battery voltage may not give you even the remotest idea of the state of charge of the batteries.

Amp hours counters run out of synchronisation with the batteries. This isn't wild speculation. This is a fact. If the meter runs out of synchronisation with the batteries then, to our way of thinking, it may as well not be there. It is immaterial what the claimed accuracy of the meter is, if it has run out of sync, then any level of accuracy becomes completely worthless. SmartGauge was developed specifically in order to produce a battery state of charge meter that does not suffer from this very real, and very serious, problem. For the simple reason that this one problem is the major drawback with amp hours counters and makes them, quite literally, totally useless to a huge number of users.

SmartGauge cannot run out of synchronisation with the batteries. Therefore the charge status, as shown by SmartGauge, will always agree closeley with the actual state of charge of the batteries. This is something that simply cannot be said of amp hours counters.

SmartGauge only requires 2 wires connecting directly to the batteries (or a third wire connecting to a second battery for twin battery monitoring). There are no shunts to install and no exisitng cables to be cut into thus reducing installation times drastically. A typical installation can be completed in less than 15 minutes.

Some people (even some that really should know better) are under the impression that SmartGauge is nothing more than a fancy voltmeter. This simply isn't the case. SmartGauge uses revolutionary measurement and calculation techniques that show the true state of charge of the batteries, irrespective of their actual voltage.

What people are saying about SmartGauge.....

(quotes from satisfied customers and dealers/engineers who have tested SmartGauge)

James Hortop. Marketing manager at Merlin Equipment Ltd......

"I simply would not have believed it possible........... However....... it [SmartGauge] was tested against a Vanner Battery Monitor, a Link 10, BEP DCM600 and a Victron BVM. ........ we found that the SmartGauge was (overall) more accurate than the shunt based meters.......... and [it] doesn't run out of sync."

John Hortop. Managing Director, Merlin Equipment Ltd......

"..... and the SmartGauge.... well.... that's just bloody brilliant"

Dave Bishop, end user, yacht, Liverpool......

"I can assure you that SmartGauge does work and is FAR more accurate than my amp hours counter"

Richard Edwards, marine electrical engineer, Gloustershire......

Richard has one fitted to his own boat as well as having installed them in his customers' installations.

"it works exactly as described, my only wish would be for a high voltage disconnect when using it in conjunction with SmartBank so that I can use a SmartBank advanced in the same way as the early versions of SmartBank"

(this feature has now been added to the SmartGauge software)

Dave Reynolds, marine electrical engineer, Warwickshire......

Dave also has one fitted to his own boat as well as having installed them in his customers' installations.

"that should get rid of all the technical support calls we get with amp hours counters asking why the meter has run out of sync with the batteries yet again. "

Paul Walster, end user, camper van, Derbyshire.....

"The holy grail of battery monitors, anybody want to buy a second hand amp hour counter?"

Chris Warrington, remote property, Lancashire.....

"Ok Ok, I hold my hands up, I was wrong, it works!"

Pete Learing, fleet vehicle engineer, Yorkshire....

"eight installations, eight SmartGauges, eight happy users. What more can I say? Thank you they work brilliantly, we'll be back for more"

John Strudwick, end user, Legend 29.5

"I've had the Smartgauge & Smartbank combination for three months now. I found it easy to fit, and very easy to use. Its simple display tells me all I need to know, and keeps my engine start battery just for that job. I don't have to fiddle with any switches or remember anything - it just works!. The ability to have multiple charge sources without complication is also a real bonus"

Julian Tether, end user, Dutch Barge "Parglena"

"No problems with my battery metering but then it is a Smartgauge. Works a treat, uses almost no power and tells me just what the batteries are doing"

Michael Wooding, end user, Nb "Draco"

"BTW - having just invested in a SmartGuage from Gibbo, I have to say how impressed I am with it. With all the metering I now have on the battery bank they should never go flat...... "

Chris B, end user, Nb Baldock

Just for the record..we purchased a smartgauge/smartbank a couple of months ago and can categorically state YES IT DOES WORK. After more years and cobbled up split charging systems than I want to mention, this bit of kit does exactly what it says on the box..... Gibbo couldn't have been more helpful with a couple of questions, something that is rarely found with other manufacturers. This is not meant as a product plug, just a statement of satisfaction to those who disbelieve !


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