SmartGauge software history

Purely for geeks.

Throughout the life of most microprocessor derived products, changes are made to the software in order to accomodate increased functionality, add new features and permit operation in conjunction with new products.

Changes to software can also be incorporated to correct "bugs" in previous versions of the software. But of course no-one ever admits to this. No-one, that is, except SmartGauge Electronics. We own up to our mistakes and do everything we can to correct them.

If a software upgrade is required for SmartGauge simply send the unit back to us (carriage paid) and tell us which version of the software you would like upgrading to. There is no charge for this service and the service is available for the life of the product. Occasionally hardware changes are necessary. When this happens it is not always possible to supply the latest version of the software for an older hardware product. If this is the case we will upgrade the unit to the latest compatible software revision.

Below are listed all versions of software released in the SmartGauge battery monitor from beta test units onwards. Prototype software and pre-produciton software is not listed as no-one outside SmartGauge Electronics and/or it's beta and field testers has seen these.

After the release of the first production units, only software changes that affect functionality as it appears to the end user will be listed here.

The software revision is shown in the display during the power up sequence. The first display will show "rX.XX". This will be displayed for 3 seconds. The display will then show "bX.XX". This also will display for 3 seconds.

The first display (rX.XX) is the actual software revision. The second display (bX.XX) is the revision of the battery models used.


Release date




First released beta test software.

Most functions completed.

Some features still to be agreed upon.



First released battery model for beta test units.

All prototype units used b1.00 which lived through several hundred different versions.



Completed full operation with SmartBank Standard.

Added operation with the new SmartBank Advanced, modified SmartBank setup menus to incorporate addition of SmartBank Advanced and added "b2 E" or "b2 A" at request of fleet vehicle beta testers.



Increased range of low battery voltage alarms to enhance use with auto start gen-sets powering constant current chargers.

Added new low status alarm type giving timed operation instead of until reaching a certain charge status at request of some beta testers.

Added rounding of displayed voltage to nearest 0.05 volts in 12 volt operation and nearest 0.1 volt in 24 volt operation.

Modified some charge status and SmartBank algorithms.



Completely new battery models to accomodate software revision r1.05.

Re-arranged ordering of battery types in setup menu, tweaked surface charge parameters.



Adjusted various parameters in each battery model over several weeks.

Added new parameters to accomodate some of the changes in the new software revision r1.06



Tidied up battery models ready for release of first production units incorporating software revision 1.06



First released version for production units.

Added new algorithms relating to latest battery models.

Added new menu functions incorporating added battery model parameters.

Added self test and calibration routines on initial power up (only following first programming) to assist assemblers and testers.

Increased range of display brightness adjustment.

Corrected bug relating to emergency connect triggering alarm remaining triggered if comms lost with SmartBank.

Added battery type 7 (field programmable) to accomodate new battery types at request of certain fleet operator beta testers.



Added user programmable SmartBank high voltage disconnect function.

Reduced SmartBank connect and disconnect delays. Modified SmartBank delay calculation routines.



Added user programmable high voltage alarm. Voltage alarm is now selectable between a high voltage or low voltage alarm.

Corrected minor bug in timed status alarm whereby the default time period was not copied to the actual timer when setting up for the first time. Subsequent setups worked fine.



Modified SmartBank communications routines to allow operation with longer comms cables.

Corrected problem in timed status alarm whereby the time remaining continued to countdown even when an alarm was not active. This could cause problems in installations that use repetetive timed alarms without setting the alarm manually after or before each event. This problem ocurred in r1.05, r1.06, r1.07 and r1.08.



New battery models. Adjusted high and low voltage warning limits to accomodate new chargers and emerging battery types. Low voltage warning limits now slightly more conservative. All other parameters remain the same as b2.06



Added 15 second delay to low voltage alarm to prevent nuisance alarm triggering on brief heavy loads such as motors and high power inverters starting up etc. Incorporated battery model b2.07



Adjusted timing variables for SmartBank comms routines. Added ability to inhibit Sb A and Sb S reports along with E 10 errors by selecting dt L and EC 0 in SmartBank setup menu.



Corrected minor bug in setup menu whereby pressing "exit" when on "EC X" would lock up SmartGauge necessitating a repower up. Low voltage alarm now runs through a 15 second delay after powerup if a low voltage alarm was active before the power went off. Prevents nuisance alarm triggering when repowering up by charging the flat batteries.



New software version for latest updated PCB revision. A/D routines slightly different to accomodate new low power hardware. Completed the minor bug in setup menu supposedly addressed in revision 1.12 - Although this software revision is for the latest PCB revision it is still compatible with the earlier PCB.



Identical to r2.01 for normal operation. The only difference is the way custom battery models are loaded and dealt with which doesn't affect normal users.



Identical to r2.02 except required voltage difference on B1 and B2 to trigger an E 11 error is increased from 0.4 volts to 0.6 volts (24 volt version increased from 0.8 volts to 1.2 volts). This is to help prevent nuisance E 11 errors on marginal installations.



Increased emergency connect timer from 30 to 90 seconds. Reverted to 0.4 volts difference for E11 error.



Identical to R2.04 except battery model 2.08 incorporated.



Same battery model as 2.07 except type 5 (Carbon fibre) has been removed and replaced with Version 2 Armasafe model. This model is only available in software version R2.05



Identical to R2.04 except PWM for displays is different. This software operates identically to r2.04 but is for a PCB with a different spec LED display.

Special versions of software are sometimes released for specific customers. Any such versions released are detailed below and are not generally available other than through negotiation with SmartGauge Electronics. These versions of software are prefixed with the letter S eg S1.01

They are detailed here purely for installers and technicians who come across such systems in the course of their work.



Special version of the SmartGauge software for a particular customer who required the low status alarm to be activated anywhere between 1 and 100% for use in an odd installation. Not generally available and specifically for one customer.



Special version of the SmartGauge software for a particular customer with a very odd set of AGM batteries that SmartGauge could not respond to properly. The software is identical to R2.02 but the battery model is different. Battery model is identified as b2.08 - Battery types 1 to 5 remain the same as b2.07 - Battery type 6 is changed to a new custom AGM model.



Special version for a UK MOD vehicle contract. Details confidential.



Special version for a UK MOD vehicle contract. Identical to R2.04 except Primary Status Alarms remain activated following repower up.



S2.04 but put right so it actually works properly.



Same as S2.14 but initial SoC is 50% instead of 75%.


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